Building Your Brand Bridge

Think Like Your Audience, Simplify Your Message, Create a Clear Call to Action, Provide a Great User Experience, Watch Your Organization Grow

Make Your Brand Memorable

You can have the coolest website with many visitors, lots of social media engagement, and a great email open rate, but if you're audience is not taking action with your brand, you are just another brand that will soon be forgotten. You need to build a bridge so people can cross into your brand with a great user experience. When they can understand your message, know what to do, and easily take action, you will see growth and your brand will be remembered.

Helping Brands Across the World

Brand Bridge Partner

Marketing is not easy and on top of that, it can be very expensive. We help alleviate the stress of marketing. How do we do this? We become your marketing partner. This means you get the marketing expertise to Build your Brand Bridge without the overhead cost for internal resources or the high costs of a marketing agency.

Brand Bridge Consultant

Sometimes all you need is a little help and guidance to simplify your message and create clear call to actions on the right platforms. We can help your team from executives to marketing to sales through consulting. When everyone is on the same page, your brand has a clear path resulting in customer and company growth.

What people say?

I would highly recommend Lee Forrest consulting. When we started working together I felt like he really understood what my goals were for the business. He has given me great ideas on how to get more clients and streamline my process. Our numbers online have gone up since we launched the website and we get a ton of new calls and people booking appointments online. If you need to work on your website don't do it alone, let Lee help get you to the next level!

Jacquelyn Rodriguez, Owner, Enlightened Styles

What people say?

Lee Forrest Consulting has been a fantastic partner to hatch and a major contributor to the success of our firm. Lee truly understands the intricacies of working with a small startup company that runs lean and relies on partners to satisfy some core areas of business including digital marketing & design/development. Lee has been instrumental in not only creating our website and customized landing pages, but also ensuring these sites reflect our core brand & values.

Tim Winkler, Founder, hatch IT

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