About Lee Forrest Consulting

Helping Organizations Create a Clear Path to Their Audience with Their Content Marketing

Building a website without a strategy is like building a house without blueprints...you are asking for trouble.

Lee Brinckley
By integrating your business goals into your brand story, I help you build your brand bridge with a clear and precise path so your audience understands you, connects with you and takes action. I take a holistic and agnostic approach with brand bridge building...meaning...I do not come with solutions (digital, social, messaging, etc) until I immerse myself into your brand and understand your business goals. In other words, I work with you to layout the blueprints before the building begins.
I started Lee Forrest Consulting to help brands improve their marketing by simplifying their message. I have helped brands build brand bridges to target specific audiences using a combination of digital and social, inbound marketing, traditional marketing and grassroots advocacy. I also conduct and training workshops for organizations on digital adoption, user experience and storytelling, understanding and thinking like your audience, using social media for advocacy, and interpreting data analytics to help write your brand story.

What Makes Lee Forrest Consulting Different?

I listen and learn first. This means that before I bring a solution to the table, I learn to think like your audience to validate the strategies.  If you and I cannot think like your audience first, your message and call-to-action are based on assumptions and become obstacles instead of a path on your brand bridge.