Google’s Mobile Friendly Push: Why It Is Important

April 21st is approaching fast and many people are looking at it as death’s sting for many websites. According to Google, April 21 marks the day for their new algorithm which will give preference to mobile friendly websites.

Why is Google “forcing” you to make your website mobile friendly?

According to Google’s statistics about the mobile customer, 94% use their smartphone to look for local information resulting in 84% taking action. They also show that 67% access the internet from their phone every day and many do so at home.

If you are a local business selling services or a product or you are an organization sharing critical information, it is the time to invest in your website. Otherwise, you may be alienating your audience due to poor user experience and it may be more difficult for your audience to find you in Google search results if your site is not mobile friendly.

How do you know if your site is mobile friendly? 

You can take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test by entering your website URL. Google will either pass you or not. If your site does not pass, Google will give you suggestions and the steps to take to make your website responsive.

It is not too late to make your website mobile friendly. Instead of looking at it as death’s sting, look at it as Google is nudging you to better interact with your audience by providing a better user experience. In the end, Google will reward you for it and your audience will thank you.

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