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Are People Missing Your Point?
Lee Brinckley | September 6, 2017

In March 2016, I took the leap into full-time consulting. I registered Lee Forrest Consulting as an LLC and began stepping down a path that I had never gone down before. There are two main reasons for doing this. 1) I was working at a small digital marketing company with a small salary mainly doing…

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Being “Cool” Is Not a Lasting Experience
Lee Brinckley | August 25, 2017

Looking back to your school days (elementary, high school, college), you probably can remember the “cool” kids…the ones that built their identity around the latest trends from video games to clothes. I admit, at times, I tried to be a “cool” kid with hair, clothes, music, and, sad to say, friends.…

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Why Doesn’t Seth Godin Tell Me Exactly HOW to Be a Purple Cow?
Lee Brinckley | August 24, 2017

I am currently reading Seth Godin’sPurple Cow”. I am enjoying his book and I figured I would because I enjoy reading his blog. There are…

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Strategy-First Starts with Serving People
Lee Brinckley | August 23, 2017

I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that we are living in a very self-centered culture. In fact, I would say that we are living in the Self-Serving era of American culture…just like the Progressive era or the Industrial era. With consumerism at our fingertips…literally, we want things now, we…

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How Did Strategy Become a 1-2-3 Process?
Lee Brinckley | August 21, 2017

Why is it that many agencies talk about strategy…a digital strategy, a mobile strategy, a marketing strategy…but very little time is actually spent on strategy. Instead, the strategy is a boilerplate template of how things will be done…we will use Wordpress for the website, we’ll set you up profiles…

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How Much Do You Value Customer Service?
Lee Brinckley | August 17, 2017

Yesterday was a hot day. Not too hot, but hot enough to be miserable without working ac. Naturally, I called an AC company that I have used before. They came out when they said they would, they diagnosed the issue and fixed it without upselling or pointing out other “issues”. The technician was very…

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Why Do We Stereotype?
Lee Brinckley | August 15, 2017

We all do it. We meet someone or see someone in the media and many times put them into a neat, little box based after a 30 second engagement…a person is a Republican, so they must be a Trump fan. A person is a protester, so they must be a lawbreaker. A person lives in a very nice, big house, so they…

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Jackson Pollock, Cats and Beer
Lee Brinckley | August 14, 2017

I am an eclectic person when it comes to the things I enjoy in life. With music, I may listen to the Battlefield 1 soundtrack from the Xbox One game or the metalcore band, August Burns Red. Another day, I might listen to Benny Goodman or to the Cats Broadway. When it comes to art, I love Jackson Pollock’s…

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Drowning in the Sea of Experts
Lee Brinckley | August 11, 2017

“... it is the greatest of all mistakes to begin life with the expectation that it is going to be easy, or with the wish to have it so.” 

― Lucy LarcomA New England Girlhood

I read this quote and while on Twitter this morning started thinking about…

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Keeping up with the Joneses in Digital Marketing
Lee Brinckley | August 10, 2017

Digital marketing is still in its infancy. It is growing so fast that many marketing professionals are abandoning methods and strategies that they may view now as traditional or legacy or even obsolete, to pursue digital marketing in hopes to stay ahead of the game and keep revenue coming in.  More…

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Stop Pitching and Ask Questions
Lee Brinckley | August 9, 2017

Over the span of my career in both technology firms and marketing agencies, I have been in my share of meetings and pitches to win work. It usually goes something like this…get solicited for the work, prepare a pitch to make your capabilities sound better than the other presenters, put on your best…

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Don’t Blow off Fiction as a Waste of Time
Lee Brinckley | August 8, 2017

My wife, Debra, and my oldest daughter work part-time at a used bookstore, Prospero’s, in Old Town Manassas. They love the conversations with customers about books, history and life. They also love giving recommendations when a customer is just browsing or interested in something different. 


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Setting the User Experience Expectation
Lee Brinckley | August 7, 2017

When does the user experience begin? Does it begin the moment someone enters your website, opens your app or interacts with your digital platform? For me, it starts with awareness. The user experience starts when they become aware of your brand and your offerings. Whether it is a

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Don't Be Afraid to Challenge Marketing Advice
Lee Brinckley | August 3, 2017

I was talking with a business the other day about their social strategy. They mentioned that they were on Facebook and Twitter, but never used Twitter, so I asked why they are on Twitter. Their response was simply "because I was told that I should be on it because everyone else is", but they could…

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What is Digital Strategy?
Lee Brinckley | January 15, 2017

The question is often asked – “what is digital strategy?”. There is an array of answers that include web design and development, social media, SEO and SEM, analytics and measurement, methodologies such as agile and waterfall, big data, and the list goes on. Many people…

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4 Mindsets that Will Derail Your User Experience
Lee Brinckley | January 15, 2017

In the last couple of years, we have seen an explosion of multi-device usage, which has escalated the importance of user experience to the top. In that time, many blogs and articles have been written on the best practices and mistakes surrounding user experience. I, however, would like to touch on…

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Web Designers and Developers Must Go Agile
Lee Brinckley | December 14, 2016

I have been researching agile methodology over the last 6 months and have begun putting it into practice for digital strategy and website development. Agile is a methodology that was born out of the minds of engineers and resulting in the 

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Push: Why It Is Important
Lee Brinckley | April 28, 2015

April 21st is approaching fast and many people are looking at it as death’s sting for many websites. According to Google, April 21 marks the day for their new algorithm which will give preference to mobile friendly websites.

Why is Google “forcing” you to make your website mobile friendly?


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